Sona - Suspended

Incredible efficacy & boundless lighting choices mean the re-engineered Sona LED linear is destined to become a future classic. When you are planning your lighting for the offices and classrooms of today, you want them to work in harmony with new multi-media technologies. With Philips Ledalite Sona LED, you get stunning performance wrapped in a package with the same, easy installation features Ledalite is known and trusted for.


Classic look

Sona's clean lines and soft curves have made it an ongoing favorite for productive spaces. Re-engineering with the latest state-of-the-art LED technology has yielded efficacies up to 150 LPW.

The right light

Flexible up down distributions and tailored LED optics mean you always have the right light for every task. Wide-throw uplight and a beautifully uniform lower lens reduce contrast, and minimize glare and reflections, thus reducing eye-fatigue.

Budget friendly

Great distribution allows for wide row spacing and fewer fixtures. Smart engineering means great value, competitive with similarly styled fluorescent luminaires.

Easy to live with

Designed with the same, contractor-friendly installation features as the rest of Philips Ledalite's linear products. Standard Philips LED board and driver technology ensure long lifetimes and hassle-free upgrades or maintenance.




Integrated occupancy sensing & daylight harvesting

SpaceWise wireless technology DT and Response Daylight sensors are factory pre-calibrated and ready to use right out of the box. Just plug in the fixture. No power packs, standalone sensors or low voltage wiring schemes required. 

Philips SpaceWise DT

Meeting code regulations while delivering superb energy savings & lighting zoning flexibility. The granular dimming feature along with dwell time enables for more soothing transition of light levels that is comfortable to occupants.

Philips Ledalite Response Daylight sensor

These fully integrated sensors automatically dim the luminaire when daylight enters the room adjusting light output gradually for minimal distraction to occupants.



Light Output

  • 1 light chamber upper: 3100, 4500, 6100 lm/4ft*

  • 1 light chamber lower: 2200, 3400, 4700 lm/4ft*

  • 2 light chambers: 3500, 4600, 5500, 7000, 8200 lm/4ft*

     *Nominal values, consult spec sheets


Color Temperature & Rendering

Sona LED is offered in three color temperatures: 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K. 

Color Rendering Index: >80


Sona LED is available in several aesthetic options and colors that will allow you to tailor the family to suit a variety of spaces within one large project, or as a signature piece within a smaller space. Choose sculpted or flat end caps, solid lens or louvered profile.



Lens with Sculpted Endcap



Louver with Flat Endcap



Dimensions - Cross Section

All suspended versions have the same outer dimensions, different from wall versions. An example cross section is shown, with internals varying across light chamber configurations. Refer to specification sheets for specific version cross-sections. 

Suspended - One Light Chamber (Upper Hemisphere)

Wall - One Light Chamber (Lower Hemisphere)

Optics and Styles

A wide range of lighting distibutions are available across suspended and wall versions.

Module + Runs

Available in 4 and 8ft modules. 

Sona Spec Sheets

Sona ies Files