Shine - Recessed

A family of uniformly luminous fixtures, Philips Ledalite Shine recessed delivers outstanding performance for superior energy savings. Available in a wide variety of hard to find sizes, Shine is a highly efficient and economical solution for any recessed lighting and energy challenge.



With efficacies of up to 119 lm/W. Shine is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications. Applying Shine with the right combination of light source and spacing make it perfect for offices, conference rooms, classrooms, hospitals, retail stores, and other spaces where performance is everything.


Shine's refined aesthetic creates luminous environments while energy efficiency and quality construction ensure easy maintenance and reduced facility operating costs.


Shine's affordable, high quality and energy efficient options help people feel at ease in a luminous space, while reducing the environmental footprint and operating costs.


Lumen Output

Available with a wide range of lumen packages to suit many needs. The following table shows lumen packages available for each housing size.


Size LED
20"x2' 3000,4000
20"x4' 4000,5200,6800
600x600mm 3000,4000
600x1200mm 4000,5200,6800


Designers can choose from a selection of housing sizes that provide different aesthetic and performance attributes.

Outstanding Options


10-Day QuickShip

To request the most popular Shine configurations of shipped in just 10 working days simply add “Quick Ship” to your released order.  Note: subject to certain exceptions and limitations. 

Consult our QuickShip Guide for more information.  

Flex Whip

Flex Whips Installed

Optional 6-foot armored cable flex whips come factory pre-installed to reduce installation time and minimize labor.












Shine Slot T-Grid

Shine 1 T-Bar Shine 1 1/2 T-Bar Shine 1 11/16 T-Bar


Air Return

Air return is available in the 20"x4' size as two perforated filler plates which extends the housing to a 20"x60" size. Panels are finished in standard white and are ordered separately.


Wiring Options

Ledalite offers numerous standard options for wiring, battery packs and switching. Download Wiring Options PDF

The Shine housing has multiple wire entrances (top or side) to facilitate different installation requirements. Continuous row housing includes knock outs for easy mounting end-to-end.

Shine Spec Sheets

Shine ies Files