FloatPlane - Wall

With FloatPlane LED, it’s easier than ever to integrate sleek and sporty style into your layout and within budget. Fresh and playful, with Curve and Edge profile options, FloatPlane’s performance rivals that of high-end LED luminaires with the affordability of fluorescent. Available tunable white technology gives you the ability to vary color temperature and intensity, harmonizing lighting with your daily life.

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Driving performance beyond the edge.

With performance up to 129 LPW, FloatPlane brings the distinct energy savings of LED, and allows the use of fewer luminaires in the space compared to fluorescent sources.

Elite style to make a statement.

FloatPlane's sleek, low-profile design of only 1.2"h x 8"w, and a choice of Curve or Edge profiles, blends seamlessly into your unique design. Distribution options of 70% up, 75% down and 100% down put light where its needed or heighten the mood without creating a distraction.

New heights in design are within your reach.

As affordable as fluorescent luminaires but without the bulk, FloatPlane frees you to achieve exciting new heights in design.



Balanced illumination, astonishing performance

FloatPlane uses a combination of high reflectivity materials and specialised diffusers to shape and soften the light output in both upper and lower hemispheres. This delivers a powerful combination of efficacies up to 129LPW, smooth light gradations both on the ceiling and the workplane, and a silky smooth appearance to the lower lens. The wide-throw upper batwing distribution allows luminaires to be spaced wider apart without sacrificing visual comfort or light levels, resulting in fewer luminaires, lower project costs and lower long term energy bills.

Typical FloatPlane suspended (symmetric) light distributions (asymmetric distributions available in wall mount):



To determine approximate light levels using a simple lumen method calculator, please select CalcZone next to the ies file on the Philips Lighting eCatalog:

FloatPlane Suspended LED

FloatPlane Wall LED



Light Output


  • Wall mount: 2200/3100/4200 lm/4ft*

     *Nominal values, consult spec sheets

Color Temperature & Rendering

FloatPlane LED is offered in three color temperatures: 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K.
Color Rendering Index: >80

Aesthetic Options

  • Slim profile design, approx. 1.2"h x 5.7"w (wall mount)
  • Edge or Curve versions. Edge has rectangular windows, housing and end caps, Curve has rounded windows, housing and end caps. 


Optical quality powder coated finish, available in matte white, black or titanium silver. Other custom colors including, Pacific Aqua and Surf Yellow, available on request.



Modules + Runs

Available in 4, 6 and 8ft modules. Edge version modules shown in the image below. Curve version dimensions identical except for rounded windows.

Different modules can be joined together to create continuous runs of various lengths. The following table shows how to configure typical runs using different modules.

FloatPlane Spec Sheets
FloatPlane ies Files