University of Calgary & Perkins + Will select Voice

The Project

University of Calgary's Energy Environment Experiential Learning (EEEL) centre was developed to be an advanced teaching and research facility. The goal was to create a flexible, adaptable, experiential building that provides synergy amongst the various faculties, maximizes energy efficiencies and promotes hands-on learning with a high level of student engagement. Perkins+Will partnered with Dialog to tackle the atrium design, which is a five-story space in the center of a variety of labs on the north and south sides. The atrium had to connect the first three levels and use as much natural light as possible to create inviting spaces where students could socialize and learn from each other.

"We selected Voice as a lighting solution for EEEL because of its simple, clean design, which was in concert with the design of EEEL. This was coupled with its ability to provide direct/indirect light for the project's open ceiling spaces. This product helped create an environment with minimal shadows and glare, resulting in comfortable spaces for students to interact, learn, and achieve. EEEL was designed to maximize the use of natural light, and Voice has helped us in achieving our design objectives."

-- Rick Piccolo, Project Manager - Perkins + Will

EEEL has brightened up the campus and is now a pivotal building for the university. Built with sustainability in mind, EEEL is now considered to be one of North America's most efficient lab buildings. Philips Ledalite is pleased that Voice was selected to be a part of this award winning project.

The Results