LEED Gold Fountaindale Library with Verge luminaires

The Project

This LEED Gold Certified building is a harmonious collaboration of overlapping ideas, which create a library environment both familiar and otherworldly—much in the same way favorite stories often bridge familiarity and fantasy to deepen our understanding of our place in the world. The design includes Philips Ledalite’s Verge light fixtures throughout the library stacks area. Lighting design provided by Nagle Hartray Architecture, this project has won numerous awards including the American Society of Interior Designers Design Excellence Awards - First Place, Institutional Category. 

Luminaires: Verge D/I

Lamps: T5

Ceiling Height: variable 11ᶦ-0" to 24ᶦ-0"

Row Spacing: 8ᶦ-0" o.c.

Mounting Height: 9ᶦ-0" a.f.f.


The Solution

“We really liked the slim profile with the tapered edge which reinforced the clean, modern aesthetic of the architecture and interior environment.”   explained Julianne Scherer Johnson, Associate Principal at Nagle Hartray. The site plan and building footprint are organized to create a presence for the library along Briarcliff Road while maximizing views of an existing park.  The size of the floor plates approach the maximum size recommended by library planners.  The proportion of the floor plates provides flexibility for the future.  The building plan began with rectangular floor plates which were carved away to provide a more organic form.  Each floor plate is unique and the total three-story volume fits well into the park setting.  Extensive green roofs further reinforce a connection to the park.