Voice - Wall

From the center of the building to the corner office, everyone can have the same light, the same comfort, the same Voice. Ledalite introduces Voice, a new ergonomic lighting solution that uses a single design aesthetic to handle virtually every situation.


Creative freedom

Take your pick: suspended, surface mount,  or wall mount luminaires. Voice can fit almost any building and adapt to almost any ceiling without compromising lighting quality, energy efficiency or design continuity.

Stunning aesthetics

Crisp lines, modern highlights and unique luminous aesthetics blend in with the space. Voice has a clean look and a low-profile design that shows refinement and style.

Unbeatable performance

By combining innovative optical design with exclusive MesoOptics® technology, Voice delivers industry-leading distributions for all kinds of indoor environments. Voice offers a mostly direct fixture for open ceilings; unprecedented direct/indirect performance for low ceilings; or a wall mount fixture for narrow continuous spaces like hallways.


To determine approximate light levels using a simple lumen method calculator, please select CalcZone next to the ies file on the Philips Lighting eCatalog:

Industry-leading close-to-ceiling performance

Excellent results with fewer fixtures

Voice achieves an incredibly low peak candela angle. As a result, fixtures can be spaced up to 16' apart with a 6" drop and still achieve less than 9:1 ceiling uniformity. You can create a balanced luminous environment in any space with smooth gradients of light on the ceiling, fewer fixtures and less energy.

Direct/Indirect with an 8' ceiling–it can happen

Voice can provide all the benefits of quality direct/indirect lighting with a drop from the ceiling as small as 3". Quite simply, a low ceiling no longer means a designer needs to compromise on lighting decisions.

Exceptional Control and Efficiency

MesoOptics® technology allows Voice to have the best possible combination of lighting control and brightness with efficiencies that are almost 20% higher than other recessed lighting products.



Maintenance Made Easy

Push up on the center channel and then slide the lens frame to the side.

Gently lower the door. The hinge system allows you to access the inside without having to step off the ladder.

The door swings out and away providing easy access to the lamp and ballast.




The following table shows lamping options available.

Distribution T8 T5 T5HO
Direct/Indirect 1,2 1,2 1,2

Lower Optics

Upper Optics

Voice provides an optized distribution for wall mount applications.


Voice offers die-cast sculptured endcaps as standard.


Finish is factory applied, high-quality powder coat paint. Available in Ledalite Standard White only (textured matte finish).



Modules + Runs

Available in 4 and 8ft modules. Module lengths do not include endcaps.

Module Mount Spacing
4ft 4'0"
8ft 8'0"
Run Length 4ft
4' 1x  
8'   1x
12' 1x 1x
16'   2x
20' 1x 2x
24'   3x
28' 1x 3x
32'   4x



Fixture is mounted flush to wall using wall brackets. Brackets attach to existing structure, variable within 12” of end or joint. Brackets provide independent tilt and lock adjustment for fixture leveling.

Electrical Connections

Luminaires are factory pre-wired with quick-wire connectors. See Power Feeds + Electrical Connections

Wiring Options

Ledalite offers numerous standard options for wiring, battery packs and switching. Download Wiring Options PDF


Housing Construction

Housing is precision-formed 18 gauge cold-rolled steel and welded.


Maximum 5.5 lbs/ft.

Optical System

Optical assembly is constructed from 20 gauge precision-formed cold-rolled steel. The lens assembly consists of a flat acrylic panel with a layer of protected MesoOptics® film that provides high-angle glare control and high efficiency and produces a direct/indirect asymmetric distribution. No hardware is visible.

Standard distribution is 70% up / 30% down. Also available in 20% up/80% down and 100% down distributions.


Sculptured die-cast endcaps.


Self-aligning joining system with hands-free pre-joining wire access.


Standalone 4ft and 8ft modules that can be joined together to form continuous runs.


Fixture is mounted flush to wall using hidden wall brackets. Brackets attach to existing structure, variable within 12” of end or joint. Brackets provide independent tilt and lock adjustment for fixture leveling.


All luminaires are factory pre-wired to section ends with quick-wire connectors.




Certified to UL & CSA standards.


High-quality powder coat. Available in Ledalite Standard White only (textured matte finish).