VersaForm - Surface

Specifically designed to blend high performance LED technology with versatile options to suit any area, VersaForm allows you to enjoy the latest LED energy efficiencies in concert with your unique style, and as your needs evolve, it’s simple to change or upgrade with our unique detachable light engine.


A solution specific to your style

VersaForm’s wide palette of sizes, lumen packages, color temperatures, color renderings, housings, mountings, and optional controls and sensors meet the needs of almost any recessed lighting application.

Engineered to dazzle

Using our Light Guide technology, engineered surface structures homogenize and extract the light. This creates a smooth, gentle luminance, and also evenly distributes the light in an ultra-wide batwing configuration.

Maintenance made easy

With VersaForm, you can reduce the overall number of luminaires while maintaining light levels, so there are less fixtures to maintain. VersaForm’s LED technology helps to reduce energy costs and by easily accessing the driver and wiring from below the ceiling, maintenance costs are also lowered. Savings are further enhanced with optional add-ons.



To determine approximate light levels using a simple lumen method calculator, please select CalcZone next to the ies file on the Philips Lighting eCatalog:

Recessed Applications Guide

VersaForm comes with a range of options to suit a wide variety of lighting and energy efficiency needs. The following chart illustrates some of the options and their typical results.

VersaForm is future proof

LED technologies are still rapidly evolving with greater power and increased efficacy. However, this change doesn't mean that your lighting system is quickly outmoded.
Our VersaForm systems are designed to grow with you and easily adapt to today's LED technologies and tomorrow's newest LED innovations. In fact, the LED light engine may be upgraded or changed without expensive rewiring or total fixture replacement, giving you true freedom to unlock your design vision.



Lumen Packages

The following table shows the lumen packages available for 1'x4', 2'x2' and 2'x4' VersaForm fixtures.

*Nominal values stated

Options noted above are available in three LED color temperatures: 4000K, 3500K, and 3000K. See product specification sheets for more information.


Designers can choose from a selection of housing sizes that provide different aesthetic and performance attributes.

  • VersaForm Surface Mount 1'x4'

  • VersaForm Surface Mount 2'x2'


  • VersaForm Surface Mount 2'x4'



Finishes are factory applied, high-quality powder coat paint. Available in Ledalite Standard White (textured matte finish).




Philips Ledalite Response Daylight sensors and Philips Actilume Occupancy sensors are fully integrated sensors that automatically adjust light levels when daylight enters the room, or dims to low levels when people leave the area,thus helping to reduce operating expenses and comply with new energy codes. Sensors are factory pre-calibrated and ready to use right out of the box. Just plug in the fixture - no power packs, standalone sensors or low-voltage wiring schemes required. The sensors adjust light output gradually with minimal distraction for occupants.









Fixtures can be mounted over recessed junction box and side entry also available.

Wiring Options

Philips Ledalite offers numerous standard options for wiring and battery packs.

VersaForm Spec Sheets


VersaForm ies Files