Verge - Wall

Elegant from any angle, Verge delivers exceptional direct/indirect lighting performance in a sleek, geometric design. Offering luminous aesthetics with exceptional glare control, Verge is the ideal choice for a wide range of energy-conscious applications.


Simple Sophistication

Verge offers sophistication and simplicity with its ultra-slim, contemporary design. Verge’s low-profile design can accommodate LED options, enabling lighting designers to specify a luminous fixture, without having to compromise on a clean and simple design aesthetic.

Exceptional at any Angle

Delivering true direct/indirect performance—with no direct view of the lamp—Verge provides complete visual comfort with the perfect balance of brightness and glare control from all viewing angles. With an ideal balance of ambience and task illumination, Verge offers focused lighting in a variety of spaces.

Less is More

Engineered to allow for wider spacing—Verge delivers exceptional lighting distribution, maximum visual comfort and dramatically reduced energy consumption.  Even with 20ft on-center spacing, Verge can achieve a 5.6:1 ceiling uniformity ratio and a power density lower than 0.4W/sq. ft.

An Ideal Match

Available in suspended and complementary wall mount versions, Verge allows designers to maintain aesthetic continuity throughout a space. All fixtures are available in 4ft or 8ft modules that can be joined together to create continuous runs of various lengths.



To determine approximate light levels using a simple lumen method calculator, please select CalcZone next to the ies file on the Philips Lighting eCatalog:

True Direct/Indirect Performance Without a Louver

With its sleek, geometric design, Verge is elegant from any angle – delivering all the benefits of visually-comfortable direct/indirect lighting without a louver. Offering luminous aesthetics with exceptional glare control in LED technology, Verge is the ideal choice for a wide range of energy-concious applications.

The table below illustrates that with relatively same lumen output (~4700lm average), when launched Verge LED yielded 28% lower energy consumption, and 44% higher efficacy than fluorescent! Recent LED upgrades have only widened the gap.

Fewer Fixtures = Lower Energy Costs

Verge lends itself to wide row spacing, which means you can create a balanced luminous environment, using fewer fixtures and less energy.

Upper Hemisphere

Low Peak candela angle provides:

  • excellent uniformity
  • lower power densities
  • wider row spacing (up to 20' o.c.)

Lower hemisphere

Batwing distribution provides:

  • glare-free task illumination
  • no view of LED's



Light Sources 

The following table shows light source options available.




2300lm, 3400lm, 4400lm (per 4' nominal)

LED Color Temperatures: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K



Standard finish is textured matte White, Black or Titanium Silver. Designers can also specify their own custom finishes for an additional cost. See Color Chart




Modules + Runs

Available in 4 and 8ft modules. Module lengths do not include endcaps. 

Modules can be joined together to create continuous runs of various lengths. The following table shows how to configure typical runs using different modules.

Module Nominal Length
4ft 4'0"
8ft 8'0"
Run Length 4ft
4' 1x  
8'   1x
12' 1x 1x 
16'   2x
20' 1x 2x
24'   3x
28' 1x 3x
32'   4x













Verge offers die-cast endcaps as standard.



Fixture is mounted flush to wall using hidden wall brackets. Brackets attach to existing structure, variable within 2”-5” of end or joint. See Mounting Options

Power Feeds + Electrical Connections

Luminaires are factory pre-wired with quick-wire connectors. Power cords are available in a range of styles. See Power Feeds + Electrical Connections

Wiring Options

Philips Ledalite offers numerous standard options for wiring, battery packs and switching. Download Wiring Options PDF


Rated for dry & damp locations in operating ambient temperatures of 25ºC.

Certain LED luminaire components may be adversely affected by contaminants. Damage caused by sulfur, chlorine, petroleum based solutions or other contaminants are not covered under warranty.

Verge Spec Sheets

Verge ies Files