Sona - Wall

Looks, performance, pricing and delivery—Sona gets it right on many levels. An elegant curved profile with a selection of options for distribution, lamping and aesthetics.


Options for every space

Sona offers suspended and wall mounted lighting systems with a full-range of distributions (direct/indirect, semi-indirect and asymmetric wall mount). Solve virtually any lighting challenge using a diverse set of lumen packages including T8, T5HO and T5 lamping options.


Direct/Indirect luminaires provide even more flexibility. Designers can finesse light levels onsite by using Variable Optics kits and lamp separators to adjust the amount of downlight required for different visual tasks, while still maintaining a consistent aesthetic throughout the space.

Because looks matter

Select from two curved louver options that complement the fixture's form, or two distinct perforation aesthetics that introduce luminous elements to the space. Sona's sculptured endcaps complete linear runs with form and elegance.

Quality, on time and on budget

How? Ledalite's state-of-the-art, fully-automated production line ensures Sona products have a consistent fit and finish and clean hairline joints. It also delivers them at a price that's tough for our competitors to beat.


To determine approximate light levels using a simple lumen method calculator, please select CalcZone next to the ies file on the Philips Lighting eCatalog:



Available with a range of lamping options to suit many needs. The following table shows the lamping options available.

Distribution T8 T5 T5HO
Direct/Indirect 1,2 1,2 1,2
Indirect 1,2 1,2 1,2
Semi-Indirect 1,2 1,2 1,2

Lower Optics

Designers can choose from wide selection of louver options that provide different aesthetic and performance attributes.


Finishes are factory applied, high-quality powder coat paint. Available in Ledalite Standard White (textured matte finish), or a selection of optional factory colors. Designers can also specify their own custom finishes for an additional cost. See Color Chart


Sona offers die-cast sculptured endcaps as standard. If preferred, designers can specify flat endcaps at no additional charge. 

Upgrades + Accessories

Dust Cover

Available with T8 and T5 options.



Modules + Runs

Available in 4, 8 and 12ft* modules. Module lengths do not include endcaps.

Different modules can be joined together to create continuous runs of various lengths. The following table shows how to configure typical runs using different modules.

*Note: 12ft modules are not available in the Direct/Indirect distributions.

Module Mount Spacing
4ft 4'0"
8ft 8'0"
12ft 12'0"
Run Length 4ft
4' 1x    
8'   1x  
12'     1x
16'   2x  
20'   1x 1x
24'     2x
28'   2x 1x
32'   1x 2x




Adjustable wall mount brackets attach to existing structure and can be postitioned within 6" of the fixture end or joint. See Mounting Options

Electrical Connections

Luminaires are factory pre-wired with quick-wire connectors. See Power Feeds + Electrical Connections


Ledalite offers numerous standard options  for wiring, battery packs and switching.   Download Wiring PDF

Sona Spec Sheets

Sona ies Files