For the first time ever, all of our industry-leading high-performance product families are available on QuickShip.*

Philips Ledalite will produce and ship your order in just 10 working days from receipt of complete order (both product & mounting).  See the PDF links below for the Color Coded Guide or the Order Number Guide to QuickShip product specifics.

*Note: Due to continuing product improvements, Philips Ledalite reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. Some special options and configurations are not available on QuickShip.

To learn more watch this brief video or contact your local Philips sales representative.

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    MicroSquare g2(22) $$ Surface
    MicroSquare g2(22) $$ Suspended
    SilkSpace(42) $$ Recessed
    Sona(77) $ Suspended
    TruGroove Perim(49) $ Slot & Cove
    TruGroove Micro(23) $$ Slot & Cove
    ArcForm(36) $$$ Recessed
    BoldPlay(78) $$$ Suspended
    Chopstick(75) $$ Suspended
    FloatPlane(24) $ Suspended
    Jump(12) $$ Surface
    Jump(12) $$ Suspended
    PureFX(94) $$$ Recessed
    Shine(33) $ Recessed
    Sync(74) $$ Suspended
    TruGroove(29) $$ Surface
    TruGroove(29) $$ Suspended
    TruGroove Recs(39) $$ Slot & Cove
    Vectra(97) $$$ Recessed
    Verge(76) $$ Suspended
    VersaForm(41) $$ Recessed