PureFX - Recessed

PureFX set a new industry standard for recessed lighting systems. Using Ledalite’s revolutionary MesoOptics technology, PureFX offers the perfect blend of brightness, control and energy efficiency—making happier people and a healthier environment.


The right kind of bright

MesoOptics technology makes spaces feel more natural and enables superior visual comfort by delivering uniform brightness with exceptional glare control.


Sustainable building designers and building owners benefit with dramatic energy savings—up to 20% increased efficiency and 35% energy cost-savings over conventional recessed lighting systems.

Maintenance made easy

Ledalite’s recessed lighting systems provide LED board and driver access from below the ceiling without tools for quick and easy maintenance.



To determine approximate light levels using a simple lumen method calculator, please select CalcZone next to the ies file on the Philips Lighting eCatalog:

Exceptional Control and Efficiency

MesoOptics technology allows PureFX to have the best possible combination of lighting control and brightness with efficiencies that are almost 20% higher than other recessed lighting products.


See the difference


A typical recessed parabolic fixture offers superior glare control, but it creates a darker, cave-like environment with very harsh shadows and dark walls.


PureFX offers a similar level of glare control, but increases brightness levels throughout the space. This leads to softer shadows and a brighter space that is still visually comfortable.


Maintenance Made Easy

LED Luminaires

Push in the end corners of the fixture where the hinges are located.


To access the driver compartment, remove the screws on the upper reflector.


Gently lower the upper reflector and remove the LED driver.





Available with a wide range of light sources to suit many needs. The following table shows the options available for each housing size.


Size LED
1'x4' 3600lm*,4400lm*
2'x2' 3600lm*,4400lm*

*Nominal values stated

LED options noted above are available in three LED color temperatures: 4000K, 3500K, and 3000K. See product specification sheets for more information.


Designers can choose from a selection of housing sizes that provide different aesthetic and performance attributes.

Ceiling Integration

All PureFX products integrate with most standard T-grid ceilings of various T-bar heights and also offer mounting options for non-accessible ceilings.

Note: more details on ceiling integration are provided on the Technical navigation tab.

Slot T-Grids

The 2'x2' size has an additional option to integrate with Slot T-Grid and some tegular tile ceiling types. These versions are designed to sit flush with Slot T-Grid ceilings.

Drywall kits

Optional drywall kits are available in all sizes for mounting in non-accessible ceilings.

Air Return

Air return versions are available in the 2'x2' size.

10-Day QuickShip Delivery

 Quickship Some of the most popular versions of standard PureFX products are offered on Ledalite's QuickShip delivery program.

Upgrades + Accessories

Response Response Daylight Sensors provide a simple and affordable way to incorporate daylight controls into your lighting designs. Just add daylight, start saving and enjoy. Learn more.










Ceiling Integration

PureFX integrates with most common T-bar ceiling types.The 2'x2' and 2'x4' sizes have an additional option to integrate with Slot T-Grid and some tegular tile ceiling types.

Notes: Option D1 can be used with Slot T-Grid ceilings but it will not sit flush with the bottom of the T-Bar. Option D2 is not available in the 1'x4' size. For the 2'x2' size, D2 is designed to sit flush with Slot T-Grid ceilings and some tegular tile ceiling types. Consult factory for more information on ceiling integration.

T-bar Heights

Integrated mounting tabs can be field-adjusted to various T-bar ceiling heights for fastening directly to the T-bar grid and/or tied off to the building structure.

Note: the 1'x4' size is not compatible with 1-11/16" T-bar heights.

Drywall kits

Optional drywall kits are available in all sizes for mounting fixtures in standalone or continuous row configurations. Order separately, one kit per fixture.

Air Return

Air return versions are available in the 2'x2' size. Side rails are finished in black.

Wiring Options

Philips Ledalite offers numerous standard options for wiring, battery packs and switching.
Download LED Wiring Options PDF

The PureFX housing has multiple wire entrances (top or side) to facilitate different installation requirements. Continuous row housing includes knock outs for easy mounting end-to-end.



PureFX Spec Sheets

PureFX ies FIles