BoldPlay - Suspended

Brilliant design and intuitive engineering fearlessly combine to deliver unprecedented performance. BoldPlay's striking contrast of effortless style and urban edginess makes a distinct statement in any space. Available tunable white technology gives you the ability to vary color temperature and intensity, harmonizing lighting with your daily life.

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Be memorable. Be extraordinary. Be bold.

An unrivaled LED luminaire harnessing the full potential of MesoOptics and light guide technology. Brilliant design and engineering fearlessly combine to deliver unprecedented performance while offering exceptional control, true color rendition, and perfect uniformity...putting BoldPlay in a class of its own. Its striking aesthetics characterized by effortless style and urban edginess create a distinct statement in any space. Sculpted contours, sleek high gloss, and minimalist form are the confident choices of BoldPlay that transform the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

Delivering serious energy savings.

Its direct indirect distribution enables ultra wide row spacing, reducing the number of luminaires required in a space, which means a significant reduction in energy consumption. BoldPlay’s incredibly low peak candela angle allows for row spacing up to 20' apart, while maintaining excellent ceiling and workplane uniformity – making it a great choice for close to ceiling applications. 

A rare blend of flexibility and modern design. 

All BoldPlay configurations are offered in a palette of color temperatures that render true, natural and vibrant. When additional downlight is required, optional field-installable variable optics help achieve the necessary distribution. And - for seamless continuity, a subtle wall version rounds out the flexible options for this family of luminaires. BoldPlay also integrates Response daylight sensors and Airwave wireless controls to maximize energy savings.



To determine approximate light levels using a simple lumen method calculator, please select CalcZone next to the ies file on the Philips Lighting eCatalog:

Boldplay Suspended LED

Boldplay Wall LED


Unrivaled Efficacy

BoldPlay enables wider row spacing, reducing the number of fixtures required within a space, which means a significant reduction in lighting-related energy consumption. An unrivaled LED luminaire harnessing the full potential of MesoOptics and light guide technology combine to deliver up to 124lm/W in a true direct/indirect luminaire. 

Upper Hemisphere

Low Peak candela angle provides:

  • excellent uniformity
  • lower power densities
  • wider row spacing (up to 20' o.c.)

Lower hemisphere

Batwing distribution provides:

  • glare-free task illumination
  • no view of LED's



Light Source


  • LED 3400 lm/4ft nominal
  • LED 4600 lm/4ft nominal 
  • LED 6500 lm/4ft nominal 

Aesthetic Optics

Finishes are factory applied, high-quality powder coat paint. Available in the following standard finishes: textured matte White, Black or Titanium Silver. Designers can also specify their own custom finishes for an additional cost. See Color Chart.


Variable Optics

Standard distribution is 75% up / 25% down. Optional field-installable variable optics kits provide additional downlight as required.

Color Temperature Options

BoldPlay is offered in three color temperatures: 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K. Tunable White technology available with color temperature ranging from 2700-6500K








Optical System & LED Light Engine

The lean construction of BoldPlay is comrpised of arrays of LEDs edge-lighting a low profile Light Guide panel. The Light Guide panel allows light to be coupled and transmitted through total internal reflection. The etched surface of the panel optimizes the light extraction and directs it into a wide indirect distribution. This makes Philips Ledalite's direct/indirect LED luminaires a great choice for close-to-ceiling applications. Light is purified and controlled by MesoOptics film then passes through the non-glare acrylic lens. MesoOptics removes striations, homogenizes color and controls high angle glare. As light emerges from the lens, an ideal batwing distribution is created in the lower hemisphere.


Modules + Runs

Available in 4ft and 8ft modules. Module lengths do not include endcaps. 

Modules can be joined together to create continuous runs of various lengths. The following table shows how to configure typical runs using different modules.

4ft 4'0"
8ft 8'0"
4' 1x  
8'   1x
12' 1x 1x
16'   2x
20' 1x 2x
24'   3x
28' 1x 3x
32'   4x


BoldPlay is available in a variety of endcaps. Two versions are offered:




Mounting + Ceiling Types

BoldPlay integrates with most common T-bar and non-accessible ceiling types. Mounting is also available for open joist ceilings. See Mounting Options

Power Feeds + Electrical Connections

Luminaires are factory pre-wired with quick-wire connectors. Power cords are available in a range of styles. See Power Feeds + Electrical Connections

Wiring Options

Philips Ledalite offers numerous standard options for wiring, battery packs and switching. Download Wiring Options PDF

BoldPlay Spec Sheets
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